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Report from Medica

Here is a brief photo report from this year's Medica Tradefair, which is the largest trade show for medical devices, happening every year in Düsseldorf
Naturally, there is a rise of medical robotic applications here as well. Primarily, KUKA brought a couple of lighweight robots to demonstrate various applications, mostly related to US diagnostics:

 Robert is a new Swiss company employing KUKA arms for lower limb rehabilitation:

You can see a bit of their booth in action here:

And another iiwa arm was present at ICCAS' booth, performing some roboti US diagnostics:

DEMCON BV was also there with their CT compatible needle positioning system:

and the MIRIAM Needle positioning system:
AKTORmed was also there with the SOLOASSIST II and the EndoFix Exo systems:

Medical Robotic Technologies BV, a spin-off company from the Control Systems and Technology group of the Eindhoven University of Technology, who previously rolled out PRECEYES and MICROSURE, which have already successfully com…

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