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ICRA2018 Workshop: Supervised Autonomy in Surgical Robotics - CFP

The 2018 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation  (Brisbane, Australia) will feature a great workshop May 25, 2018:
Workshop: Supervised Autonomy in Surgical Robotics
Research on surgical robots has made impressive progress in the past decade, and more and more researchers are attracted to this field. While existing teleoperated robotic surgery has demonstrated commercial success and wide clinical acceptance, there are still problems. Doctors demonstrated very wide range of skills on robotic surgeries but some of them cannot fully utilize the advantages of robots; surgical robots are expensive and are not fully utilized as doctors easily wear out in teleoperated surgeries and need rest. These problems can be addressed by supervised autonomous robotic surgeries, as surgical robots are neither emotional nor subject to fatigue, and can be more efficient and precise than humans. The goal of this workshop is to promote the research of autonomy of supervised robotic surgeri…

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